The Charity

Our charity was established in the UK in 2010 (Registered Charity No. 1135546) to carry out humanitarian services, improve people's health as well as educate them in the timeless principles and practices of Sanatana Dharma ("the path of the eternal truth") with special emphasis on spreading the teachings of Swami Atmachaithanya.

Sanatana Dharma gives people from any background tools to evolve spiritually and live a contented, harmonious and peaceful life. Our charity supports the projects and services of Shanti Madom Trust, India. In the UK we are in the process of increasing our humanitarian services and projects. We are also giving out free information and downloads on e-info sheets for health improvement and spiritual practices/teaching. We offer the public the teachings of Sanatana Dharma and Swami Atmachaithanya by way of e-Info sheets, downloads, events and our publications (books & CDs).


Swami Atmachaithanya

Swami Atmachaithanya is a Holy man and Spiritual Master from Kerala, South India where He established the charitable Shanti Madom Trust which administers His Humanitarian Projects & Work in India. He travels worldwide and visits the UK twice a year when people from any background can meet Him to receive individual Darshan & Teaching. The public benefits from His open events during which Swami gives talks and Teachings. These He has given to humanity for every person to evolve spiritually and lead a happy and peaceful life.

The Teaching encourages people to perform kind acts (selfless service) in order to reduce the suffering of others and to increase their understanding and feeling that each person we meet is in essence like a beloved brother or sister to us. Everyone gets the opportunity of listening to Swami Atmachaithanya's loving words and explanations on aspects of Sanatana Dharma and everyone is welcome to ask questions which He will always answer. Each visitor is welcome to bathe in His radiant presence and experience His unconditional love which He freely gives to all.

Swami Atmachaithanya has extensive knowledge in Homeopathy, Herbalism and Ayurveda and is a practitioner in Alternative Medicine. He gives individual, communal and world healing. Swami Atmachaithanya helps thousands of people with their spiritual evolvement and with alleviating and curing illnesses of people who couldn't find healing in other places. His prayers and suggestions for individuals help them to avoid conflicts in their family/work/friendship environment and find a solution to live a happy, contented and peaceful life.