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   Treasures of Eternal Bliss

In this book Swami Atmachaithanya has given us access to many jewels of spiritual wisdom. Within you will find help, encouragement, wisdom, compassion, succour and truth, to guide you along the path, and to help you when you stumble. This is the perfect book to delve into daily; to inspire meditation, to guide your day-to-day activities, or simply as a comfort when life is difficult. Each inspirational saying is illustrated with a stunning photograph of the natural world.

Author: Swami Atmachaithanya

£7.50 (pp&p)


     Sri Chaithanya Yoga Book

The adoption of a daily yoga practice brings immense benefits, both physical and psychological, and this book invites the reader to embark in a practical way on a course of yoga for wellbeing and self growth. Yoga theory is explained, along with an extensive asana section, and also a number of Swami Atmachaithanya's teachings for chakra purification and spiritual development.

Author: Swami Atmachaithanya

£14 (pp&p)

    Universal Vision - Poems of Inspiration

This book contains more than 30 inspiring poems on nature, human qualities, divinity, our evolutionary path to supreme divinity. It is a beautiful body of work combining lucid, poetic meditations of refreshing simplicity with his own exquisite illustrations of his own paintings. These poems unlock interconnecting doors into more and more rooms in themansion of the imagination. Whether about the power of love or the price of ignorance they serve to deligth and enlightenthe reader as a day to day inspirational guide. A work of art, full of love and wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

For information please read two book reviews at the end of this page.

This book is also available in French and Malayalam.

Author: Swami Atmachaithanya

£12.99 (pp&p)

  Cosmic Glory - Poems by Swami Atmachaithanya

In Swamiji's seconds poetry book we are invited on a sublime journey. We are gently guided and encouraged towards a deep and profound experience of truth. Travelling beyond the mundane we surrender to the exquisite beauty and love expressed within these verses. This experience allows for transformatoin, fine-tuning the senses and bringingus into focus with the eternal.

Author: Swami Atmachaithanya

£12.99 (pp&p)




  The Path of Wisdom

 In this book Swami Atmachaithanya answers questions about the nature of the divine and how to live our lives in the mordern world. Swami's answers reflect the path of wisdom that we must take through life in order to find inner peace and ultimately our way to the Divine principle. The book contains 5 chapters: First Principles and Definitions / Moving Forward / Facing Problems in the World / Guides on the Path / Destination

Author: Swami Atmachaithanya

£5 (pp&p)  



  Homeopathy in Daily Life

This book is a useful resource and easy reference book for lay people and professional homeopaths alike.

Swami Atmachaithanya is a qualified homeopath. Some of the new remedies mentioned in this book were grown in his medicinal garden in Kerala, India. These new remedies have already been used successfully in the treatment of various illnesses.

The book contains further chapters on Biochemic Tissue Salts, Bach Flower Remedies, Auras and Chakras.

Author: Swami Atmachaithanya

£10 (pp&p)


   The Art and Science of Ayurveda

This book contains the origins, evolution, schools and branches of Ayurveda; the basic concepts of Ayurveda; Panchakarma (5fold treatment for diseases); and Marma. The book concludes with an appendix of yoga practice, dietary principles, yoga vidhyas/practices and pranayama.

Author: Swami Atmachaithanya

£12 or 3 books for £30 (pp&p)


  Jewels of Spiritual Thoughts

These Spiritual Thoughts are very valuable to spiritual seekers to lift themselves from mundane to highter spiritual realms.

Arise and awake from the ignorance and attain a state of realisation, that is the realisation of Atma (Self); Atma is present everywhere and manifests itself under all circumstances. Atma is Brahman which is eternal Bliss.- Swami Atmachaithanya

Author: Swami Atmachaithanya

£3.50 or 3 books for £10 (pp&p)




    Kundalini Kriya Yoga

Kundalini Kriya Yoga cleanses the chakras, removes negative states of mind & emotions, increases one's energetic and vibrational levels, enables us to go faster into the inner silence of meditation. The practice consists of chanting vedic mantras which ultimately leads to the unfolding of the Shakti energy withn. The practice - 15  minutes or 30 minutes - can easily incorporated into one's daily life.

Practice given to us & recorded by: Swami Atmachaithanya

£10 (pp&p)


    Mantras and Prayers

The Sanskrit Mantras recorded on this CD have a profound positive effect on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, and at the same time on the environmental, global, planetary and galactic vibration. The mantras affect a person's cellular and sub-cellular levels, dissolving blocked energies and contributing to the harmonious energy flow. They usher in harmony and peace and increase our vibratory frequency.

You can just relax and listen to them, or you can repeat the mantras before meditation, or while doing household chores. Those who practice yoga can conveniently hold the yoga posture while playing one mantra, and continue into the next posture with the next mantra (duration of each mantra/prayer is 3 minutes). Mantras/Prayers on the CD: Chaithanya Mantra, Ganesha Mantra, Shiva Mantra, Shakti Mantras, Sun Mantras, Maha Mantra, and Peace Prayers.

Recorded by: Kamal

£10 (pp&p)


   Stotras and Mantras

This Stotra and Mantra CD is a gem in your collection. Swami chants various mantras and stotras and bhajans. You can learn the exact pronunciation and get his calming spiritual energy when listening to the mantras, stotras and bhajans.

Recorded by: Swami Atmachaithanya

£10 (pp&p)



Body & Health Products

Ayurveda Tusker Balm (excellent for soothing colds, aches and pains, e.g. headaches/migraines, aches in joints) £2.50

Nasal Douche (Neti Pot), (cleansing of the nostrils with salt water), good for prevention of colds, headaches and congested nostrils. Helps people who practise pranayama and chakra purification, £5


Malas (Necklace)

Rudraksha Mala, Sandalwood Mala, Nine Planetary Mala, Crystal Mala, £10-25
As a meditation/mantra recitation aid; and for helping to purify the energy body, to retain positive energy when placed in the home or worn.

Yantras (sacred geometric shapes, radiating pure energies)

Sri Yantra, Nine Planetary Yantra, Sudarshanan Yantra £15-40
In your meditation room/area to create, retain high energies. Various yantras for removing negative energies, bringing peace and balancing out difficult astrological patterns. Can be further energised with light/mantras and can be used for worship or meditation.


Book Reviews of Swami's Poetry book 

Universal Vision - Poems of Inspiration

By Vito Hind & Sheila Maharaj


Combining his own beautiful illustrations with a collection of meditative poems, enchanting in their guilelessness, honesty and humility, the much loved Swami Atmachaithanya of Kerala, in South West India, has released a lovely book. Packed with insight it grows more appealing with each visit to its pages.

Moreover, his simplicity of style exudes a confidence and guides the reader to new chambers of understanding, with keys that unlock with their simple perception of abstract but priceless realities.

The poems are practical in a far-reaching sense. They are rich in wisdom and compassion and give direction, recognition, solace and purpose to those who are open to explore Swami's invitation to think and feel and consequently act upon what he advises the universe is calling us to do. This is especially pertinent in a world of increasing commerciality, insidiously driving humanity into confusion and alienation through its bent for materialism.

The poetry book offers as a guide a refreshing way of thinking about your own perspective and involvement within the scheme of things by way of allusion and suggestion and referring to examples in nature and personal experience. In this way Swami awakens us to what is truly important and highlights individual responsibility for a collective development, with divine providence always at hand, and with a vested interest in our welfare.

The main message encourages through experience the losing of the self of singularity to the Self of oneness, thus freeing the individual from all illusion and illness.

In one of his poems entitled 'Love' he cites 'Love is the quality that cleaves its way through adamantine walls of difficulties', and in his poem 'Zero' he expresses an ode to humility which resonates with the true teachings of Jesus. On the whole, whether about Mother Nature, existence, creation or the appreciation of the supreme divinity, this body of work conveys great learning. It is a book definitely worth having in your collection.

Vito Hind
January 2015


A casual perusal of these latest writings by Swamiji would not give any indication of the level of accomplishment of the composer. In fact the reader would be surprised to discover that the author only came to the English language in his early twenties.

The simple yet effective use of words and phrasing, the striking metaphors and the powerful symbols woven into the text all point to the perception and sensitivity of an enlightened and accomplished craftsman of English.

But of course as we - his students, devotees and disciples - understand Swamiji to be no ordinary mortal but an enlightened soul with whom we are fortunate to be acquainted. It is through such an association that we have come to realise that we are not just material beings but sparks of the Divine Consciousness. We flock to drink deep of his love, to be nourished by his mere presence. When he is away from us he lingers on in our hearts and in our meditations.

In the poem 'Light dispelling our darkness' we are reminded that though we might search outwardly for pleasure, security and knowledge the greatest treasures may reveal themselves as hidden within. The play on 'inner' and 'outer' - that to-ing and fro-ing is redolent of the mind and its wavering movements.

The philosophical position of duality is dismantled in the simple words of his poem 'Duality'. In moments of 'inner communion' Swamiji says we are transfixed by the nature of our 'True Self'. However that precious fleeting moment of insight is forgotten when we 'again look outwards'.

We delight in the watchwords of 'Truth, Purity and Unselfishness' - a phrase from Swamiji's poem 'Conduct'. We are refreshed by his injunction to 'be a power for good in the world'.

The poems are enhanced by Swamiji's delightful drawings and watercolours which grace each turned page. It is an absolute gem of a book.

These poems, penned spontaneously by Swamiji, further serve to deepen our awareness of our true Nature and act as an inspiration for us to do and be the very best we can be, in the service of Dharma and the Divine.

Om Namah Shivaya

Sheila Maharaj
October 2014