Christmas message / New Year message

Hearty Merry Christmas and a healthy & prosperous New Year to all in this world.

The son of God, Jesus, was born on Earth to bless mankind. He came to wipe our sorrows and pain and he sacrificed his life for us. He taught us the virtues of unconditional love, sacrifice, friendship and simplicity.

He bore the cross of the sins and sorrows of all people in this world. He gave mankind eternal peace and hence, on this day, we always remember this Blessed Soul, Jesus Christ, who always illuminates our hearts with peace and who will always guide us, leading us on the path of Heaven.

He instilled the values of truth, love, righteousness, compassion, unity and brotherhood in the prayers and worship of our daily lives, thereby helping us to attain self-realization and the elevation of the soul.

Wishing peace, happiness and unity to all in this world!

May peace reign all over the world in every human being!

With love and blessings,

Swami Atmachaithanya


Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is for remembering sacrifices and giving unconditional love for our upliftment. Mother is kind and Mother is merciful. When children make mistakes or have faults, Mother gives forgiveness and removes children's sorrow and pain through unconditional love. Love is never seeking any expectations. The mother's kindness is like the depth of the ocean. Children cannot understand the purity of the mother's kindness. The greatness of the mother's heart and love can remove all the children's sorrows. She is the embodiment of mercy and the key that releases us from bondage in the phenomenal world. The mother will always make sacrifices to relieve children's sorrow and pain.

Children will not understand the mother's sacrifice and suffering until they mature and realize the truth of her loving heart. One day as children grow and become mothers and fathers they will realize that through the mother's care and loving sacrifice she took all the burdens from them. What do we owe our mothers on this auspicious day? What can I offer the Mother for her unconditional love on this special day. There are not enough gifts to offer her for the depth of her love. I can only pay to her my humble respects and take care of her health. With my humble pranams and salutations at the Divine Mother's holy feet.

"Temple" foundation anniversary in Shanti Madom 2nd October

Swami Atmachaithanya delivered a very inspirational discourse on 2nd October during the anniversary celebration of the "Kailas Mandir" (Temple) foundation in the Shanti Madom Ashram in Azhikode, India.

Here is a brief extract:

Dharma (Righteousness/Virtue)[1], Satya (Truth/universal) and peace of mind are to be cultivated. Non-observance of Dharma is the root cause of all miseries in the world. People forget the truth of the purpose they are here fore, and ignore their duties (obligations, responsibilities). Their greed opens the way for sufferings for themselves and society.

The six enemies - kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya[2] - are to be conquered through sadhana[3]. Do not look at the outer world for happiness. Look within for eternal peace. Have your head in society and your heart in the forest.

Always help others and never hurt anyone. Start the day with love, live the day with love and end the day with love. Reduce desires and increase Divinity. Do charity and help charity. This helps to reduce the burden of the sins[4] we have accumulated over more than 8 million births as different species. The virtues accumulated in these previous births, made us eligible for this human birth. Make use of this opportunity to transform yourself into the Divine. Know and live up to the real meaning of "human". May the entire world be peaceful.

[1]Dharma changes with time, place and situation. What is good or virtuous in one context, time or place may not be virtuous in a different context. (excerpt from Swami Atmachaithanya's book 'Jewels of Spiritual thoughts', page 49)
[2]sensual enjoyment, anger, greed, temptation, ego and jealousy
[3]spiritual practice, e.g. meditation, nama-japa (repeating the divine name), devotional singing, self-less service, Self-enquiry
[4]wrong actions